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Passion on the Plate: Saucy Affair's Date Night Ideas

They say the way to someone's heart is through the stomach, and we are here to prove it right! In this super busy world, making time to eat a hearty meal with your partner feels like the most luxurious thing ever. Enjoy a candle-lit evening with conversations that go on for hours, delicious food that warms your heart and flavours that will always stay with you with the memories of this lovely date. Saucy Affair has prepared three amazing meals with fresh, versatile and yummy sauces to make your date night extra saucy! Our sauces and dips are made with meticulously sourced ingredients to help you experiment with readily available veggies and items at your home without compromising on any flavour. 

These three recipes with the flavoursome Saucy Affair's sauces are easy to make, super tasty and will help you show off your inner chef to your partner! 

  • Spaghetti with Bolognese Sauce
  • Your partner's heart will be won in a flash with our classic Italian Bolognese Sauce! Though traditionally cooking a Bolognese sauce will take you a while, Saucy Affair wants you to dedicate all your time to your lover. Keeping that in mind, we have perfected the recipe for Spaghetti in Saucy Affair's Bolognese Sauce. Our Bolognese sauce's thick, flavorful texture will satisfy all your cravings! With the richness of tomatoes and the pungent garlicky notes, our Bolognese sauce is exactly what you need with a bowl of al dente spaghetti. Saute your favourite veggies and mix it all up with a garnish of parmesan cheese, and your date night meal is ready! Enjoy the authentic Italian flavours within minutes, and charm your partner with this sauce. We are sure this is your new favourite comfort food. 

  • Thai Food with Thai Green Curry Sauce 
  • The aroma of fresh coconut, spices and herbs will lure your partner! All thanks to Saucy Affair's Thai Green Curry Sauce. As we said earlier, we want you to spend some quality time with your loved one, and that's why we have the perfect sauces that reduce your cooking time without losing out on any flavour, taste or texture. Saucy Affair's Thai Green Curry Sauce is the perfect combination of tangy, tart and spicy flavours. Our sauce is made with simple ingredients that elevate your taste buds with an exotic Thai flavour. All you need for a Thai Green Curry is your favourite stir-fried veggies, coconut milk and a generous amount of our Thai Green Curry Sauce. Whip up this recipe within 20 minutes and serve it with steaming hot rice. Pair this dish up with a romantic movie and you're all set for a memorable date night!

  • Pizza with Roasted Tomato and Basil Sauce
  • This date night is extra special! Not because it includes Saucy Affair's Roasted Tomato and Basil sauce but because you can make this a fun thing with your partner! Bake your own pizza with our ready-to-use lip-smacking sauce and get to know your partner even better. What's better than eating food with someone you love? Cooking it with someone you absolutely adore. Get ready-to-use pizza dough or pizza base, spread our Roasted Tomato and Basil Sauce, load it up with grated Mozzarella Cheese and bake it until it melts. This simple act of baking a pizza together will bring you two closer and strengthen your bond further. You can talk about their favourite pizza toppings, and their best pizza ever and the conversations will go on and on. This special pizza party of two will be a wholesome affair while binge-watching your favourite show together.

    So, which one of these ideas are you the most excited about? Call them up and set up a date and don't forget some scented candles and flowers! 

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