Why should you have some Saucy Affair?

Cooking from scratch can sometimes feel like a complex task! 

Ratios, proportions, flavours and combinations. It can get confusing and sometimes, even boring or intimidating.

That’s where Saucy Affair comes in!

Our range of 10 delicious sauces, spreads and dips make it super easy for you to create delicious dishes in a jiffy. 

Made with meticulously sourced ingredients, our different sauces, spreads and dips help you experiment without compromising on flavour.

Make a wrap, soup, pasta, pizza, burger, salad, sandwich, curry, fried rice, stir fry or whatever suits your fancy. The list goes on and on!

And the best part? You can easily pair it with ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen. 

The idea is to explore your creativity through food, have fun while you’re cooking and fall in love with it through Saucy Affair.