Saucy Affair's Magic Touch: Elevating Your Favorite Comfort Dishes

Saucy Affair's Magic Touch: Elevating Your Favorite Comfort Dishes

Comfort food doesn't just fill our stomachs, but it fills our hearts. The feeling of joy after eating your favourite comfort food after a long, tiring day is unmatched! It's not just eating what you love after an exhausting day, it's about the feeling of warmth and wholesomeness. Imagine it's a gloomy and overcast day as it slowly rains, and you're eating pakode with chai with your loved ones! Yes, that homey feeling is what comfort foods give us every time we eat them. Now, what if we tell you, we can take the comfort food a notch-up with some amazing dips and sauces of Saucy Affair? We've picked some of our comfort foods and gave them an easy yet yummy twist to make them even more heartwarming than they already are. 

  • Dal- khichdi with Schezwan Ketchup Tadka
  • Nothing is better than Dal-Khichdi after a long, tiring day! But, as promised, we are elevating our comfort food to the next level, and that is why we are adding Saucy Affair's Schezwan Ketchup Tadka to our beloved Dal-Khichdi! The fiery flavour of chillies with the tanginess of Ketchup is everything you need to enhance the taste of Dal-Khichdi even more. The exquisite taste of garlic, chillies and fresh tomatoes is a match made in heaven for the soft, comforting combination of dal and rice of the Dal-Khichdi. Add a generous amount of Saucy Affair's Schezwan Ketchup Sauce in your tadka, and you're all set for your new comfort food! The ready-to-use sauces of Saucy Affair's make cooking easier without compromising on the taste. In fact, your cooking will only get better with Saucy Affair.

  • Dosa With An Italian Twist
  • Are you ever in the mood to eat a dosa and a pizza at the same time? Well, who said it's impossible to have them both together? These two comfort foods belong to two different parts of the world with multitudes of cultural and geographical distances. But what unites them is the comfort they bring when we eat them! It's time for some fusion food, and it's a good one! When the crispy dosa meets Saucy Affair's Roasted Tomato and Basil sauce, a new comfort food is born! The freshness of tomatoes and basil gives the sauce a classic Italian flavour, and the dosa is 100% desi. The fusion of flavours goes hand in hand, and you're left craving for more. Just spread the Roasted Tomato and Basil sauce on the dosa, and sprinkle some cheese over it on the tava and cook it until the dosa is brown and crispy on one side. Relish this with homemade coconut chutney and enjoy the flavours of pizza and dosa in one meal! Try this today!

  • Bhajjiya Charcuterie Board 
  • Bhajjiya, Pakode or fritters, call them whatever you want; we know that none of us can stop at one! Give us more!! Bhajjiyas are one of our favourite comfort foods, especially when it's raining outside, and you're having onion and potato bhajjiyas with masala chai. It's a core memory moment every single time. And we're elevating our favourite Bhajjiyas by making a charcuterie board. A charcuterie board is basically a platter with multiple food items, be it cheeses, fruits, pastries, or for us, bhajjiyas! This charcuterie board is extra special because it is accompanied by some delicious dips and sauces from Saucy Affair's! Bring all your favourite bhajjiyas together, plate them up and try each of them with our best sauces and dips. Onion bhajjiyas with Schezwan Ketchup Sauce, Potato bhajjiyas with Cheesy Cheddar Sauce, Corn Bhajjiyas with Masala Mafia Sauce. We've got a new dip for every bhajjiya you have! Have you tried Palak and Gobhi bhajjiyas? Add these to your Bhajjiya Charcuterie Board and pair them up with your favourite Saucy Affair sauce, and we're sure you'll love it! 

    So, what is your comfort food, and how are you elevating it with Saucy Affair? 

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