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BBQ Mustard Mayo with Tandoori Bread Roll


1. Bread Slice
2. BBQ Mustard Mayo Sauce
3. Topping Vegetables : Boiled Sweet Corn, Sliced Green Capsicum, Paneer, Finely chopped Coriander Butter for roasting

Method of Preparation

1. Take some fresh bread slices and cut off their hardened brown crust around all sides with kitchen knife. Flatten the bread slices with a rolling pin to make covering (Patti).
2. Spread the BBQ mustard mayo on the flatten bread and top with Boiled Sweet corn, sliced green capsicum and paneer.
3. Fold the flattened bread covering (Patti) into a roll. Glue the roll by gently pressing the lose sides with your fingers
4. Before cooking heat the pan. , grease the Butter and roast the roll on medium flame and flip over the sides until rolls get golden and crispy.
5. Serve hot, Crispy tandoori bread roll with BBQ mustard mayo .
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