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Bolognese Thread Paneer Roll


Paneer Marinade

  1. Paneer- 200 gm
  2. Bolognese Sauce- 3-4 tbsp
  3. Salt to taste

Threaded Paneer

  1. Corn Flour- 2 tbsp
  2. Refined oil for frying- ¼ cup


  1. Dry Noodles of your choice (I have used hand cut hakka noodles)- 75 gm
  2. Salt- ½ tsp
  3. Refined oil- 1 tsp
  4. Water for boiling


Method of Preparation

For Paneer Marinade

  1. Cut the paneer block into 8 small cubes.
  2. Combine Bolognese Sauce, salt in a shallow bowl.
  3. Coat the paneer pieces in the Bolognese Sauce and cover it well on all sides. Keep it aside and allow marinating for 10-15 minutes.

For Noodles

  1. Add water, salt and refined oil to a stock pot and allow it to come to boil over high heat.
  2. Once the water is boiling, add the dry rice pad thai noodles or hakka noodles and cook for 1.5-2 minutes.
  3. Once the noodles are cooked, drain them using a strainer or sieve. Run it under cold water to prevent further cooking. Let all the excess water drain.
  4. Toss lightly with a teaspoon of oil. Keep it aside.

For Threaded Paneer

  1. Add the corn flour to a flat bowl or plate. Take the marinated pieces one at a time and dredge lightly with corn flour. Tap to remove any excess. Repeat with the remaining paneer pieces and set aside.
  1. Take a small amount of noodles and spread it out flat. Take one piece of the paneer, place it at one edge, perpendicular to the noodles in the middle and wrap the noodles around it. Ensure the noodles are well wrapped and sticking as much as possible.
  1. Heat enough oil in a pan for deep frying. Once hot, add the noodles wrapped paneer pieces one by one. After frying for 2-3 minutes, turn each piece over and fry for another 2 minutes till golden brown.
  2. Once cooked, remove from the pan and drain on paper towels. Serve hot with a dipping sauce of your own.
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