Masala Mafia Stuffed Idli - Saucy Affair

Masala Mafia Stuffed Idli


  1. Idli batter - 1 bowl
  2. Boiled potatoes - 2 (100 grams)
  3. Masala Mafia Sauce
  4. Refined oil for greasing- 3-4 Tbsp


Method of Preparation

For Stuffing:

  1. Add crumbled potatoes to the Masala Mafia sauce and mix nicely, mix some green coriander to the stuffing as well.
  1. Take a pressure cooker or a vessel and heat 2 cups of water in it. Grease each mold on the idli stand.
  1. Mix some salt to the idli batter and mix nicely (after adding salt to the batter, make sure you don't whisk it too much as the air bubbles escape from the batter and idlis don't get spongy).
  1. Pinch small lumps from the stuffing and make small balls for stuffing the idlis.
  2. Grease some oil on the mold. Then pour some idli batter on each mold and place a stuffing over it. Press it downwards very gently and cover up the stuffing with some more idli batter. Likewise, fill all the molds on the idli stand.
  1. Arrange the molds on the idli stand. When the water starts simmering, place the idli stand inside the vessel. Cover the vessel well and now steam the idlis for 10 to 12 minutes on medium flame. After this, check the idlis.
  1. Idli is done and ready, turn off the flame. Take out the idli stand from the vessel and separate out the molds. Let them cool down a little.
  2. When the idlis cool down a little, separate them out from the mold with running a knife around them and place the idlis on a plate & serve with any dip or chutney.
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