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BBQ Mustard Mayo

BBQ Mustard Mayo

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Mustard +BBQ + Mayo - A delicious love triangle!
Can one sauce have all three? The pungent taste of mustard + the fiery sourness of BBQ + the creaminess of Mayo? Yes, our BBQ Mustard Mayo sauce has all these three vibrant and exotic flavors in one bottle, and you can't miss it. This sauce will give your Paneer or Chicken starters the authentic taste of barbeque or tandoor. The creaminess of mayo is just right as the taste of mustard lingers on your tongue with the charred taste of BBQ. You can never go wrong with this sauce.

FRESH INGREDIENTS: Made using the best produce.
This product is VEGETARIAN.
Contains no MSG and no artificial ingredients.
STORAGE: Store in a cool & dry place. Refrigerate after opening.
RECIPES TO TRY: BBQ Mustard Mayo with Tandoori Bread Roll, Paneer Tikka with BBQ Mustard Mayo.


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